Your Veauty products.

Skincare plus Science: Prioritizing Vulva Care

We all know that we should cleanse and
moisturize our face, and those products are incredibly easy to find. What many
of us don’t realize is that the skin on our vulva is sensitive and needs
special attention as well. Harsh body washes and soaps aren’t ideal for the delicate
microbiome of the vulva, so we are committed to creating gentle feminine care
products that can work for everybody. We want vulva care to be affordable,
safe, and empowering (that’s our Vagenda!)

But isn’t our vulva self-cleaning? Nope!
That’s the vagina (the inner bits) versus the vulva (everything on the
outside.) The vagina and vulva are a dream team, but they aren’t the same
thing. And although you should absolutely skip the soap for the vagina,
feminine care products made for the vulva, like say la V., target the delicate
skin of the external anatomy (AKA the Vulva). The vulva includes the labia
minora, labia majora, mons pubis, urethra, and clitoris. The skin of your vulva
is just as delicate as the skin on your face and is covered in sweat glands
similar to those under your arms. This means that vulva care is crucial, and cleansing
the area with something more than just water is an important step to stay clean
and smelling good.

Enter: say la V.! Our three vulva care
products are packed with skincare-quality ingredients and each addresses
specific needs. Our nourishing Veauty wash is pH balanced and is sure to leave
you feeling nourished and fresh. Our hydrating Veauty Cream is lightweight,
soothing, and will soften and moisturize your vulva with vitamin E. And our
refreshing Veauty Mist is perfect for on-the-go freshening up with gentle
rosewater and aloe for hydration and neutralizing unwanted odors. Some feminine
care products can feel outdated and overly fragranced, but not say la V.

The microbiome ‘downstairs’ is home to
trillions of bacteria, and the skin of the vulva is delicate. Even normal daily
activities like going to the gym, using feminine hygiene products, intimacy or
shaving can cause changes and irritation in your pH balance. Our
Veauty products are made with safe, skincare-quality ingredients (like those
bacteria-balancing prebiotics we mentioned above along with jojoba oil,
hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, and more) so you can feel comfortable and confident
in your skin. Vulva care has never been easier!

All of our products are dermatologist and
gynecologist tested to bring science and skincare together for the perfect
match. And we never test on animals, so everything we make is cruelty free! Our
Veauty line prioritizes vulva health while making
sure you feel fresh, clean, and ready to go. We believe
that feminine care and intimate wellness should feel accessible and aim to make
that possible for all people with vulvas.

our vulva care products are full of plant-based natural ingredients,
pH-balanced for vulva safety, and made in the USA. Unlike other products in the
market, we never use artificial fragrances. We want women to feel enabled to
care for one of their most powerful parts: the vulva, because here at say la V.
we believe in skincare for every vulva! Body confidence is all about rocking
what you've got and confident in your skin, because all vulvas are unique and
wonderful. We are committed to keeping it real, leading authentic
conversations, and making it possible for you to have that body confidence.