Baby Shower Gifts

From Practical to Playful: Baby Shower Gifts for Expecting Moms

Headed to a baby shower? We all know the traditional baby shower gifts, from the fun (think baby board books and sweet tiny onesies) to the practical (diapers and nasal aspirators, anyone?) But often the gifts are largely for the new tiny person being welcomed into the world, and not for the birthing parent. At say la V., we want to change that, so we made a list of baby shower gift ideas for both babies and moms-to-be.

For the Babe

Baby socks, mittens, and more: oh my! Baby clothes are certainly one of the most ‘aww’-inspiring baby shower gifts you’ll ever buy. Beyond that, black-and-white board books for early development or indestructible baby books are two great and fun options for infants, as are colorful mobiles or a personalized baby blanket.

Thinking about something more practical? We’ve got you there, too. An infant-appropriate first aid kit with infant nail scissors, thermometer and more is sure to be a hit (especially in a moment of need!) A baby bath time set could include gentle soap, lotion, some fun bath toys and a cute, hooded towel. Then there is that nasal aspirator we mentioned earlier— not so ‘cute’ but essential!

On top of that, diapers and wipes are certainly a necessity, and you can ask the parents if they are going to use disposables or cloth diapers. If they say the latter, there are a multitude of adorable cloth diaper cover options, and you can browse to your heart’s content.

For the Mama

For the mama-to-be, consider making a care package with some goodies like her favorite pregnancy snacks, herbal tea, cozy socks, bath salts and skincare products. And speaking of skincare, we’ve got a recommendation there for you, too as baby shower gifts.

We’ve got the prebiotic-packed vulva skincare trio: our pregnancy-safe feminine wash is pH balanced and is sure to leave her feeling nourished and fresh. Our hydrating vulva cream is lightweight, soothing, and will soften and moisturize your vulva with vitamin E. And our refreshing feminine mist is perfect for on-the-go freshening up with gentle rosewater and aloe, for hydration and neutralizing unwanted odors.

The microbiome ‘downstairs’ is home to trillions of bacteria, and the skin of the vulva is delicate. Our dermatologist and gynecologist tested products support the self-care needs of new moms. Through all stages of life, we want women to feel empowered to care for one of their most powerful parts: the vulva.

For Both

To make those early days easier, consider an ergonomic baby carrier. It means the new parents can be hands-free but keep the infant close. Another option is a set of photo op friendly milestone cards to capture those special moments or other important ‘firsts.’ A baby memory book is also a great option for recording some of the precious memories for both parent and child to look back on later.

Sleep is hard to come by in general in the newborn stage. A white noise machine is another gift idea to help everyone get as much sleep as possible!

Whether you’re buying a gift for the new baby, the parent, or both, we hope this brainstorm helps. At say la V., we believe that vulva care is an integral part of self-care, and especially so for a mother-to-be. During the time of learning how to balance motherhood and self, the gift of feminine care products allows her to prioritize her body. She can feel fresh, soothed, and confident by adding a little extra to her self-care routine.

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