Gifts for Mom After Baby is Born

Stand Out from the Crowd at the Baby Shower: Gifts for New Moms

Tiny onesies, pacifiers, boxes of diapers: these are all very important gifts when someone you know is about to become a new mom! However, a very appreciated and often overlooked idea is gifts for new moms themselves after their baby arrives. Whether at the baby shower, the hospital, or later, making a special effort for the new mom is a vital way to make sure she feels seen and cared for as well. That might entail signing up for a meal train post-baby, giving an IOU to help clean her house, or making a gift basket with her in mind. No matter what, you’ll be taking care of her in a special way.

If you’re making a gift basket, consider including some of these self-care gifts for mom after the baby is born:

A sleep mask to maximize those sweet Z’s

Everyone knows one thing that is in short supply with a new baby is sleep! A plush sleep mask can be the perfect way to help a new mom get as much rest as possible. A sleep mask will minimize distractions and (hopefully!) help her fall asleep faster. It’s not always feasible to ‘sleep when the baby sleeps’ but if she’s able to, a sleep mask means she can get the most out of every nap.

A one-handed water bottle and easy-to-eat snacks

Whether she is breastfeeding, pumping, or holding her baby, hydration and nutrition options that don’t require both hands is key! An easy-to-open water bottle or straw cup can help ensure she stays hydrated, especially since producing breast milk for breastfeeding and pumping requires a much higher water intake. It also necessitates a higher calorie intake, so nutrient-dense snacks that are easy to open and eat will be much appreciated.

Soothing bath products

Self-care isn’t just bath bombs and face masks, but they are definitely a fun way to take a calm moment to recharge. Shower steamers are a great pick-me-up for those first showers once she’s home from the hospital, and bath bombs or bath salts are perfect for her to use once her doctor gives the go-ahead to take baths again (generally about six weeks after vaginal birth or once a C-section incision is healed.)

Veauty™ care

Here at say la V., we are firm believers in the idea that vulva care is part of self care. In the midst of finding the balance between motherhood and self, gifting her feminine care products means she can take the time to prioritize her changed body and feel fresh, soothed, and good about herself. say la V.™ products can help her feel refreshed and add a little bonus to her self-care routine.

And another great bonus idea? Offer to come hold the new baby so she can take her time in the shower or bath.

(All three products are pregnancy-safe, so if you gift them to her before the birth, she can use them then as well!)

Gift card for food delivery or coffee

Not everyone enjoys coffee, but new parents are certainly target customers! You know best about the new mom in your life, though, so whether it is a gift card for coffee, tea, food delivery, or other treats, this can be a wonderful way to take the pressure off deciding what to cook or eat while learning how to take care of herself and her baby.  

Credits for audiobooks, e-books, or movies

The newborn stage often involves a lot (and we mean a LOT!) of time holding the baby while it slumbers or eats. To that end, gifting the new mom you love with some entertainment options is a key way to help care for her mental health as well.

Motherhood is a journey brimming with profound joy, love, and beauty, yet it's also a period of significant transformation. For new parents, the shift in identity can feel seismic, as if the person they once knew has evolved into someone entirely new. Self-care is vital, and yet often new moms have to learn how to do that in a whole new way. Items specifically for her mental and physical health, including some special options for down there care’ like say la V. Veauty™ wash, cream and hydrating mist, are ideal gifts for a new mom after the baby is born.

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