Our Story

Our Vision

say la V. is here to empower women to unapologetically embrace their Vulvas and ditch the shame game. We want you to take charge, proactively caring for the most personal and powerful part of you – your Vulva!

We always keep it real with authentic conversations and open dialogue, building a community where knowledge is power, confidence is key, and Vulva skincare is the norm. Together, let's change the conversation. 

our vagenda

Say it loud and say it proud…Vulva!

Welcome to say la V. where our women-led team is dedicated to providing safe, science-backed, Vulva skincare for everyday wellness. We believe the Vulva is powerful, beautiful, and often entirely overlooked—even though it’s integral to our identity and wellbeing.

That’s why we created Veauty™: it’s skincare, but for your Vulva! say la V. products are packed with natural skincare ingredients and bacteria-balancing prebiotics, that are gyno and derm tested for your most sensitive skin. Your Vulva skin has unique needs—your period, workouts, and even intimacy can disrupt its balance, so we create specific formulas to ensure they’re taken care of.

Why the Vulva? Well, we’ve got a vagenda and it’s all about saying Vulva loud and proud because words matter. Did you know almost no one knows the difference between their Vulva and vagina? (For the record—Vulva refers to all of the external genitalia, while vagina only refers to the muscular canal connecting the uterus to the Vulva.) 

Knowing the right words for your body parts gives you the power to own them, rock your wellbeing, and confidently voice your needs to partners and healthcare pros alike. say la V. is committed to keeping it real, leading authentic conversations, and dropping knowledge bombs so our crew can strut with confidence in their fabulous bodies. Let's talk Vulva, no filters needed!