Building Your Feminine Wellness Toolkit: Essentials Every Woman Should Have

From physical check-ups to mental health, it is essential for every woman to build a solid foundation of wellness. Need help getting started? We’ve got you covered! Your personal wellness toolkit can include physical items like supplements and yoga mats but also ideas for changes in your routines, sleep habits and more.

Be kind to your body

First, take care of your body as best you can! This can be tough in our busy lives, but rest, exercise, and hydration can all be effective tools on our wellness journey. A bottle or cup with markers to show your daily water intake is a visually motivating way to help you stay hydrated. Another option is to add chopped fruit or herbs (like mint or lavender) to your water to make it feel fancy and add flavor.

Move your body in whatever way feels good and comfortable. This doesn’t necessarily mean a gym membership or a run every day! It might mean some stretches at your desk, a walk with your family, or calming yoga in the evenings before bed.

Try to spend time outside as much as you can, even if it’s just a few minutes a day. Don’t forget the sunscreen! And since it is the largest organ on our body, taking good care of our skin is a sure bet for our health— and that doesn’t just mean sunscreen. Find which cleansers and moisturizers work best for you, from head to toe (and everything in between!)

Take care of your mind

Our health is holistic, so it involves our minds as well as our bodies. Mental health is a crucial part of feeling like ourselves. The ways we tend to our minds can vary from person to person, but might involve journaling, meditation, and contacting a good therapist when necessary.

Feeling well rested can go a long way to feeling healthy overall. Quality sleep can help us focus, deal with stress more effectively, and feel more comfortable in our bodies. Of course, for those of us who are parents, quality sleep can be hard to come by! Nonetheless, getting the best sleep you can is important. Maybe try going to bed a little earlier, putting your phone down to avoid the blue light affecting your sleep, or using sleep aids like a sound machine or earplugs.

Don’t cancel those wellness check-ups

As busy as we are, it can be incredibly easy to put off yearly check-ups because of work, family, or just because we want to save that extra hour or two for something we would rather be doing than going to the doctor. However, those appointments are vital to our wellbeing. And an added perk? Most insurance plans cover these appointments free of charge!

This type of appointment can be an excellent opportunity to take care of routine screenings and blood tests, and make sure you’re up to date on vaccines. It also means you will have a chance to ask a doctor which vitamins and supplements might help you feel your best, how to manage allergies, and more.

Notice who makes you feel good to be yourself

Healthy relationships are a huge contributor to our physical and mental health. Practice communication skills and setting boundaries around your time. Nurture relationships with friends and family and surround yourself with people who value your authentic self as much as you can. In the modern day many of us live far from our friends, so to stay connected you can plan video calls or take an online class together. Wanting to make some new friends? Sometimes that can feel daunting as an adult! Try joining a book club, taking a group class, or volunteering at a local non-profit.

Prioritize yourself (even when it’s hard!)

Practice taking care of yourself! If you’re a parent or caregiver, or have a busy life in any way, it can be difficult to remember to set aside that time to nurture your own needs. However, it’s very important to remember you can ask for help, and it’s okay to do things that make you feel good. Your health is important, in many ways: whether that is physical health, mental health, or social connection!

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