Mom Boss Vibes: Tips for Prioritizing Well-Being No Matter How Busy Your Schedule Is

Motherhood– both the early days and as our kids grow up– can be overwhelming, busy and action-packed from dawn to dusk. Still, it’s important to take care of yourself and prioritize your well-being, even when it feels like you don’t have a minute to spare! After all, you can’t take care of anyone else effectively without also taking care of yourself.

Prioritize self-care

Whether it’s a meditation practice, a regular run, seeing a therapist or daily hot baths, find the thing (or things!) that makes you feel centered and work it into your routine as often as possible. Move your body, even if it’s just for a few minutes at a time. If you work in an office, go for a walk on your lunch break if the weather is nice or remember to stretch between meetings at your desk. Regular movement can help both your mental health and physical well-being!

Make an activity jar

If setting aside larger chunks of time feels impossible, try making a list of things that take ten minutes or less that help you feel more like yourself. Keep them in a list on your phone, or make a physical reminder to take a deep breath by writing the activities on slips of paper and putting them in a jar in an obvious location. If you need a few minutes to decompress, pick one, whether that’s a warm cup of tea, a few minutes of yoga, savoring a bar of chocolate, reading a chapter of a favorite book, or another activity that works best for you and your schedule.

Network with other parents

Motherhood, especially as a new mother, can sometimes be lonely! To help avoid this, take opportunities to connect with other parents. Whether they are parents with children the same age as yours for meet-ups, or with older kids (who can then give you advice), feeling connected and seen by others is a huge part of our overall well-being.

Connect with your partner or friends regularly

If you are parenting with a co-parent, set aside time to connect with them. If you’re doing an amazing solo job at motherhood, pick other friends and family you can reach out to for support. So many of us can feel lost in our role as mom, and having that support system to catch us is crucial. Be willing to accept help—whether that’s in the form of someone who cares for you bringing over a hot meal or being willing to listen.

Write it out

One excellent way to connect with yourself is to keep a journal. There are so many options to make your personal journaling as simple or fancy as you wish. Explore journal styles, fun pens, and everything from blank pages to journals filled with prompts. Keep an eye on how you are feeling, and if you notice significant changes, remember it is completely valid to ask for help.

Set realistic expectations

Above all, remember that you’re amazing for all the things you juggle! Parenting is both incredibly wonderful and exceedingly challenging, and learning how to care for yourself during this time is an ongoing process. You’re learning as you go, and no journey to parenthood is perfect. Give yourself grace, be realistic about how many things you can fit into a day, and celebrate all the small wins along the way!
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